“When I got busy I got better”

Get into service! 

The District 26 service meeting happens each month. We help keep our groups strong and enhance our own recovery. You’re welcome to join us!

3rd Tuesday of the month, 6:30-8pm

https://zoom.us/j/716674247 Password: 370661


What is a Group Representative?

An Al-Anon Group’s GR (Group Representative) links their group to the Al-Anon District and to the fellowship’s worldwide service structure. Becoming a GR is a wonderful way to enhance your own growth and meet others who have experienced recovery on another level. There’s more information about being a GR in these guidelines from Al-Anon World Service.

Want your group to host the Third Friday speaker meeting?

Al-Anon groups are invited to sponsor one of District 26’s monthly Third Friday speaker meetings. Here are materials you’ll need.

Any questions? You can reach the Third Friday coordinator at3rdfrispeaker@alanonbythebay.org.

Al-Anon’s service structure 

Al-Anon and Alateen’s service structure can be pictured as an inverted pyramid.

  • At the top are the thousands of Al-Anon and Alateen groups.
  • Below the groups are the Districts that serve groups in each geographic area. District 26 serves West Contra Costa and North Alameda counties.
  • Below the Districts are the Areas. We’re one of 26 districts in the Northern California World Service Area.
  • At the bottom of the pyramid, serving all the Areas, Districts, and Al-Anon Family Groups, is the World Service Office, headquartered in Virginia Beach VA.











Want better service meetings?

There are as many ways to deal with the week-to-week workings of an Al-Anon meeting as there are Al-Anon groups. Most groups hold a regular service meeting or business meeting before, during or after the regular meeting, once a month, every quarter or every week. However it’s done, regularly discussing group finances, service roles and other nuts and bolts can help increase participation and make groups stronger. 

Here is a service meeting script that one group in our district uses. Take what you like and leave the rest!

Knowledge-Based Decision-Making (KBDM) is a tool that has been adopted by Al-Anon to help groups define problems, discover solutions, and reach consensus. Here are some materials about using KBDM in Al-Anon groups.

Our district’s trusted servants

District Representative:
Courtenay, dr@al-anonbythebay.org

Alternate District Representative:
Ramona, altdr@al-anonbythebay.org

Treasurer: Susan,

Third Friday Speaker Coordinator: POSITION OPEN, 3rdfrispeaker@al-anonbythebay.org

Group Records: Suzanne,

Web Coordinator: Tessa,

Access Coordinator: Judy F.,

Institutions Coordinator: Regina,


Where to send contributions

Our Seventh Tradition states that we are fully self-supporting through our own voluntary contributions. Groups and individual members who want to donate below the group level can use these addresses:

District 26 AFG
P.O. Box 8175
Berkeley CA 94707

Northern California World Service Area
Go to https://northerncaliforniaal-anon.org/donations/ to donate online or by mail.

Al-Anon World Service Office
Go to https://al-anon.org/contributions/member/ to donate online or by mail.