About Al-Anon

Al-Anon is a mutual support group for people whose lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking. We charge no dues or fees and we are not part of any other organization or institution. Although the details of our stories differ, we come together as equals and find help and support by sharing our experience, strength, and hope. 

Some come to Al-Anon because of the alcoholism of a partner, others because of the problem drinking of a parent, child, sibling, or close friend. Many of us have several alcoholics in our lives, past or present.

Alcoholism affects not only the drinkers, but everyone around them. Whether the alcoholics in our lives are still drinking or not, Al-Anon and Alateen provide tools that can help us find serenity and improve all our relationships.   


The best way to learn more about Al-Anon and to get answers to your questions is to come to a meeting. But on this page you’ll also find plenty of information about the program and how it works. 


Could Al-Anon help me?

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Want to learn more?

You probably have questions about how Al-Anon works, what our meetings are like,  what “alcoholism” means or whether you’ll be welcome if you’re concerned about someone’s drug use.