About District 26

Al-Anon Family Groups Northern California District 26 is an all-volunteer organization serving the Al-Anon groups in West Contra Costa and Alameda counties, specifically the cities of Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Kensington, Richmond and San Pablo. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, incorporated in California as the District 26 Al-Anon/Alateen Information Services (FEIN 94-3071621). Our board, composed of Group Representatives from all of our groups, meets monthly (see details below). We elect our officers and coordinators (full list below) every three years in accordance with the schedule of the Northern California Area.

The easiest way to reach us about any topic is to send email to info@alanonbythebay.org. We generally respond within a day. If you need to send us U.S. mail, you can send it to P.O. Box 8175, Berkeley, CA 94707. We check the mailbox once each week.

If you are looking for someone to talk to about the Al-Anon program, you can leave a message for our information-service line at 510-528-4379; someone will call you back (typically within a day or two).

If you are a professional looking for information about the Al-Anon program, please follow this link.

Service Meetings

Our monthly district service meeting, attended by our officers, coordinators, and group representatives, is where we conduct district business. We meet via Zoom on the third Tuesday of each month from 6:30pm to 8pm. All Al-Anon members are welcome to join these meetings, but only officers, coordinators, and group representatives can vote on district business items. Here is the Zoom information:

Between meetings, district business is conducted on a groups.io mailing list. All records of past business are also kept there. For information about how to log into groups.io, click here.

District Officers & Coordinators

In Al-Anon, we elect volunteer members to conduct our district business. Each group designates a group representative who represents their group; this collection of people serves as our non-profit board. The board then elects volunteers to serve in officer and coordinator positions. The following is a list of our currently serving officers and coordinators, along with a brief description of their duties.

  • AA Liaison: TL M., aaliaison@al-anonbythebay.org. The AA Liaison helps our district find ways to cooperate with Alcoholics Anonymous on events, outreach and fellowship. 
  • Access Coordinator: Judy F., access@al-anonbythebay.org. The access coordinator helps ensure that members with access issues are able to attend meetings that work for them.
  • Alternate District Representative: Courtenay R., altdr@al-anonbythebay.org. The Alt-DR acts as Vice President of our board and substitute for the DR when necessary at Area functions.
  • District Representative: Tessa D., dr@al-anonbythebay.org. The DR acts as President of our board and represents our District at the Northern California Area.
  • Diversity Coordinator: Mary C., diversity@al-anonbythebay.org. The Diversity Coordinator works to extend the hand of Al-Anon to populations that have traditionally been underserved by the program.
  • Group Records Coordinator: Maria C., group-records@al-anonbythebay.org. The group records coordinator, working with the district representative and the technology coordinator, keeps our group listings and registration data up-to-date locally, with the Area, and with the World Service Office.
  • Institutions Coordinator: Regina G., institutions@al-anonbythebay.org. The institutions coordinator helps create and sustain meetings for individuals who are in institutional settings of one form or another.
  • Phone Line Coordinator: Kay S., phone@al-anonbythebay.org. The phone coordinator runs the group of volunteers who staff our information service line.
  • Secretary: Marcy R., secretary@al-anonbythebay.org. The Secretary keeps minutes of our service meetings and makes Statement of Information filings with the State as required by law.
  • Technology Coordinator: Dan B., tech@al-anonbythebay.org. The technology coordinator is responsible for all the district electronic infrastructure, including Zoom, our district email, and the website.
  • Third Friday Speaker Meeting Coordinator: Maurie A., 3rdfridayspeaker@al-anonbythebay.org. The Third Friday Speaker Coordinator works with groups to organize the District’s Third Friday Speaker Meeting, which temporarily stopped during the pandemic.
  • Treasurer:┬áSusan S., treasurer@al-anonbythebay.org. The Treasurer keeps our books and makes financial filings with the State and Federal governments as required by law.
  • Web Coordinator: Rebecca G., website@al-anonbythebay.org. The web coordinator is responsible for content changes on our website.