Al-Anon speakers share experience, strength and hope

  • Speakers from District 14:¬†Al-Anon California District 14 has a large collection of recordings of speakers at its events. They make the recordings available for free¬†here. Al-Anon members who value these recordings are encouraged to donate to support this work.
  • Speakers from all over: There are a number of websites that offer free recordings of Al-Anon speakers sourced from all over. The links below are a sampling of such sites. As of November 2023, the sites listed below claimed not to collect or sell information about their users, but such policies may change at any time so please be sure to check whenever you visit these sites. The presence of a site on this list does not in any way imply an endorsement or approval from District 26!
    • AMOT Audio (a family-run site with a clear privacy policy)
    • WeJOY (a personally-run site that doesn’t use any cookies or collect any info)
    • Recovery HQ (a company offering recovery referrals and treatment center marketing services; they use website cookies but don’t collect personal info and claim to be completely confidential)