Al-Anon-provided Liability Insurance

Some buildings that rent out space to Al-Anon groups for regular meetings or special events require a certificate of general liability insurance for your group.  In some cases, they additionally require that the certificate names the building owners or managers as additional insured parties or certificate holders.

Al-Anon’s Northern California World Service Area can provide such a certificate of insurance for free, because they carry a general liability policy that can be used by Al-Anon groups in our District. If your group needs such a certificate, please carefully follow the instructions on this web page to apply for a certificate. If you have not heard back about your application within a week, you can contact the Area Insurance Coordinator directly via email.

Some buildings (especially churches) that request insurance certificates may also ask you for proof of non-profit status. If they do, you can given them this document from the IRS which shows that our district (of which your meeting is a part) is a non-profit. If you or your building have questions about the document, you can contact our area leadership for help.